About MEG-Water

MEG-Water is a coalition of municipal water systems formed in 1991 to loby on municipal water utility issues before the Wisconsin State Legislature, the Department of Natural Resources, and the Public Service Commission of Wisconsin.

How we take action

MEG-Water develops consensus positions on issues through its twelve-member elected Steering Committee. Members are encouraged to actively lobby their legislators. In addition, MEG-Water lobbyist, Lawrie Kobza of the Boardman & Clark Law Firm, represents its position before the Legislature and state agencies. This combination of grassroots and professional lobbying is what makes MEG-Water effective.

How MEG-Water is different from other organizations

MEG-Water focuses on drinking water issues. Other municipal organizations which focus on a wide variety of issues often do not have the time, resources, or the expertise to sharply focus on drinking water issues. Without MEG-Water, these issues would often be overlooked, and the chance to impact these laws and regulations would be lost.

All MEG-Water members are members of either the Wisconsin Water Association (WWA), the Wisconsin Rural Water Association (WRWA) or both. They have joined MEG-Water, however, because of its focus on lobbying that members believe is important.

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